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We help Brisbane businesses thrive.

If you’re expanding, upgrading or starting a new business from scratch, Borro™ can find a financial solution to make your business fly. Across Brisbane, we have helped organisations small and large to facilitate solutions for equipment purchasing, cash flow management and to support ambitious growth plans. Let Borro™ join your team so together we can take care of business. Across our panel of 30+ lenders, we’re ready to tackle any solution for our Brisbane clients.

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At Borro, we understand that every business is different. That’s why, when we undertake our thorough eligibility check, we’re able to understand exactly how your business operates, putting us in a strong position to provide the most suitable lending solution. Our commercial finance solutions can help with cash flow, vehicle or equipment purchases, commercial property finance or unsecured business loans. Regardless of where you’re at or what you need, Borro™ has your back and your best interests at heart. We’re here to help you achieve long-term business success, no matter what.

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Access to better borrowing solutions.

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Collaboration and communication.

Borro™ is not just a collection of Brisbane finance brokers. We are a unit. And to deliver the best outcome for your financial situation, we talk, work together and use our collective power to rise above and beyond your expectations.

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Excellence and ethics.

We have a stellar reputation and loyal customers for a reason… We keep things simple and straightforward. Borro™ earns trust by being fully honest and always striving for the best result for our clients.

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Motivation and mastery.

Borro™ always aims for more. We stay on top of market trends, constantly improving our methods to make sure our clients receive amazing service and have a smooth and easy borrowing journey.

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No nonsense.

Borro™ acts with integrity. When it comes to finance, we think it’s vital to be honest and avoid false claims. We are here to assist, but you can count on Borro™ to be frank and direct.


Find your finance in 4 easy steps


Step 1

First determine your eligibility in switching to a Borro™ business loan.


Step 2

Fill out the simple online application form or talk with one of our friendly Borro™ brokers.


Step 3

If your application is approved, we’ll send through your documents online to review.


Step 4

Cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Sit back, relax and start saving.


In case you missed something.

Business or commercial finance is the process of obtaining funds to start, run or grow a business. Business finance can be used for various purposes, such as managing cash flow, purchasing equipment, commercial real estate loans, expanding operations, hiring staff, or investing in new opportunities. Business finance can come from different financial institutions, such as banks, non-bank lenders, investors, or government grants.

Borro™ is a mortgage broker service that can help you find and apply for the right loan solution to suit your business needs. We have access to over 30 different creditors from across the finance industry on our lending panel, including major banks, non-banks and specialist lenders. Our commercial mortgage brokers are well versed in finding business loans that work for you and your business – not the banks.

Borro™ can assist you with a diverse range of business finance solutions, such as:

  • Unsecured business loans: These are loans that do not require any collateral or security from the borrower. They are usually based on the borrower’s credit history, income and cash flow.
  • Debtor finance: This is a type of financing that allows you to access funds based on your outstanding invoices or accounts receivable. It can help you improve your cash flow and working capital.
  • Commercial finance: A commercial loan is used to purchase or refinance commercial property, such as offices, warehouses, factories or retail shops. Commercial loans can also be used for development or construction projects, as we mention below.
  • Commercial construction finance: Also known as development finance, this is a type of financing that is used to fund the construction or renovation of commercial property. It usually involves progressive payments within a commercial property loan based on the completion of certain stages of the project.
  • Vehicle and equipment finance: This is a type of financing that is used to purchase or lease vehicles or equipment for your business. It can help you preserve your cash flow and take advantage of tax benefits.
  • Cash-flow finance: This is a type of financing that is used to cover short-term or seasonal cash flow gaps in your business. It can help you pay for expenses such as wages, taxes, suppliers or inventory.

Some of the benefits of using Borro™ for business finance are:

  • Through our experienced commercial finance brokers, you can access a wide range of loan options from over 30 trusted lending institutions, including banks, non-banks and specialist lenders.
  • You can save money by accessing more competitive interest rates, lower fees and other flexible financial solutions on your loan.
  • You can save time by letting Borro™’s commercial brokers do the research, comparison and negotiation for you.
  • From the beginning of the application process to your loan’s end, you can get advice and support from Borro™’s team of experienced and ethical commercial loan brokers who will work in your best interests to ensure a prosperous long-term relationship.
  • You can use Borro™’s online tools and resources to track your loan progress, manage your repayments and plan your future.
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